Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter pop-up 3 D card by Kreuter


Neuschwanstein Castle in winter pop-up 3 D card

Dimensions: approx. 144mm x120mm x105 mm  5.66” x 4.72” x 4.13 "

The Knights of Schwangau had the swan in the coat of arms, the symbol of highest purity in chivalry. In the 12th century they built the castles Schwanstein, Frauenstein, Vorder- and Hinterschwangau. In the 16th century, the Schwangauer knights died out. The dilapidated ruin of the castle Schwanstein, today's Hohenschwangau, was restored by Maximilian II, father of King Ludwig II, from 1833 to 1839. King Ludwig (1845 - 1886) spent 17 years of his life here.
Due to the lost war in 1866, great hardship arose in Bavaria. To give his subjects work, he decided, inspired by the Wartburg, of his own money to build a new castle. He had demolished the castle ruins Vorder- and Hinterschwangau and built between 1869 and 1886 according to plans by Eduard Riedl, Christian Jank and Georg Dollmann the castle Neuschwanstein. It lies 1008 m above sea level and thus 200 m higher than Hohenschwangau, at the foot of which lies the Alpsee. The 81 rooms are partly Romanesque and partly Gothic.

Made in Germany.

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