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Molding Springerle Cookies by Springerle Joy™

Molding Springerle Cookies by Springerle Joy™

For more tips and tricks, as well as a wide variety of stunning, high quality springerle cookie molds, visit In this video, Patrice Romzick of Springerle Joy, LLC demonstrates how to mold springerle cookies of all shapes and thicknesses easily. You’ll learn tips and tricks that help beginners be successful the first time they try making springerle cookies. Patrice shows a few different strategies for making perfect springerle cookies each time, using three different gorgeous springerle cookie molds to demonstrate different techniques. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and Like our Facebook page at for regular posts with springerle cookie tips and tricks. Did you see a mold you liked in this video? Heart with Lotus Flower Springerle Mold: Pine Cone Springerle Mold: Edelweiss Springerle Mold: Director: Nathan Rubin Producer: Christopher Salera Still Photography & Sets: Debbie Campbell Music with Permission: "The Middle Vale" performed by Kurt von Eckroth, Zitherist Änis-Paradies ™ Springerle Cookie Molds: Linus Feller and Petra Mösli Cards Artists: Crystal Copperstone, Becky McFarlane, Edith Plisko, Wilma Standish & Meredith Clark

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