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We're Here for You

Nearly twenty years ago, Gingerhaus® entered the retail and wholesale baking communities with the Gingerhaus® gingerbread baking system. 


In 2008, Gingerhaus® expanded its line of products to the Springerle baking community with House on the Hill (USA).

In 2016, Gingerhaus® expanded its line of products to the Cake baking community with Nordic Ware® (USA) and Birth-Gramm Copper cake, cookie and confection molds of Switzerland.


In 2018, Gingerhaus® began working with Änis-Paradies (Anise-Paradise) Springerle cookie molds of Switzerland.


In 2019, Gingerhaus® acquired Springerle Joy in order to further provide baking tips, recipes and other creative uses of Springerle and gingerbread molds. 


We are grateful to have be selected as the sole distributor of Änis-Paradies and look forward to ensuring that Änis-Paradies is available in North America for many years to come.


All Gingerhaus® deliveries are fully insured over flat rate shipping to protect against loss or damage.  USPS covers insurance up to $50.  However, an additional charge will be applied in order to cover loss or damage on orders over $50 (this will vary depending upon the total value of the shipment).


If you have orders that exceed $500, please reach out to us via email prior to placing your order in order to access the best way to package and ship your order.


With over 2,000 premium baking supplies, we are committed to providing the best baking experience for our Gingerhaus® family - home and professional bakers throughout North America.  

We thank you for your continued support and we are here for you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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