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Honeycomb Bee Textured silicone mold by Katy Sue Designs CE0054

Honeycomb Bee Textured silicone mold by Katy Sue Designs CE0054

SKU: CE0054

Continuous Honeycomb and Bees Textured Silicone Mould Design Mat for Cake Decorating and Craft

by Katy Sue Designs

Are you looking for the perfect mould to take your spring and summer cake decorating and craft projects that extra buzz? Then our new continuous honeycomb and bee silicone mould is the perfect choice.

Take the sting out of manually creating a bee by using one of the three bee moulds that will allow you to get a detailed result in no time at all. Or effortlessly create a continuous textured honeycomb effect by joining the sides of the texture design mat together. The continuous honeycomb quilt can be interlocked to fit any size cake or project.


Honeycomb and Bees Cake Decorating Mould

This honeycomb and bee cake decorating mould is perfect for using with some of this year’s hottest cake decorating trends. You could decorate a fault line cake, uncovering the hexagon hive pattern underneath. Or alternatively, couple the bees up with our Flower Pro range to create a realistic spring day. If cupcakes are more your thing you could use the bees as cute central points hovering on top.
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Honeycomb and Bees Craft Mould

From bee-day cards to hexagon patterned soup, our new bee and honeycomb silicone mould makes creating buzz worthy craft projects and breeze. The realistic looking bee trio flying at the top of the mould will save you hours of time whilst the continuous honeycomb effect will add depth and texture to your projects. 



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