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NW 1260 Halloween Cookie Stamps by Nordic Ware

NW 1260 Halloween Cookie Stamps by Nordic Ware

SKU: NW 01260
Halloween Cookie Stamps 01260 by Nordic Ware


These heavy cast keepsake stamps will amaze and delight. Simply press the pattern into balled cookie dough to make these masterpieces. Set features spider, pumpkin and Halloween cat textured stamps.

Perfect for Halloween! 


Material: Cast Aluminum with wood handles

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Weight: 0.81 lbs

Makes 3 different styles - 3" Round Cookies

Made in USA


  • USE & CARE

    Use & Care

    1. Chill stamps prior to use. Always use cold dough. If sticking occurs, dip stamp in flour or sugar, or brush with oil.
    2. Hand wash only. Never submerge wooden handles in water. Wipe clean.
    3. We suggest making cookie dough from scratch when using cookie stamps. Cookie stamp impressions will not be as defined if using prepackaged cookie mixes or refrigerated dough

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