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NW 59448 Bundt Teacakes & Candies Pan

NW 59448 Bundt Teacakes & Candies Pan

SKU: 59448
Bundt Teacakes & Candies Pan



The Tea Cake and Candy Mold is a wonderful way to delight guests. Create miniature tea cakes, chocolate candies or jiggling jello in the familiar shapes of our popular Bundt pans. Exquisitely detailed shapes include: elegant heart, chrysanthemum, sunflower, rose, cathedral, Bavaria, fleur de lis, star, tri star and the original Bundt. There are 30 mini Bundt shapes all together. The heat reflective exteriors allow for uniform browning so as to enhance the unique design. Nonstick cast aluminum allows for easy clean up.

Made of cast aluminum for evenly-baked, finely detailed,  breads and molded desserts.


Material: Cast Aluminum

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

2.5 Cup


Made in USA