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Book «Änismodel» (The Springerle Mold) by Linus Feller 0901

Book «Änismodel» (The Springerle Mold) by Linus Feller 0901

SKU: 0901

Book «Änismodel» (The Springerle Mold), Linus Feller

Item #: 0901

German Language


Scarcely any other pastries have been baked for a few hundred years with the same love and care as the Springerle cookie. With more than 500 illustrations of molds, Linus Feller takes you on a fascinating journey through the history, tradition and symbolism of the imagery of the Springerle cookie - from the Middle Ages to the present. Confectioners, carvers, and mold makers come to life in words and pictures, a window into other cultures and times.


Paradise Publishing Company, Olten, 1998. Format: 20x23cm / 7.9x9.1 inches, 199 Pages, German language, hard cover


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