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AP 4637 Altes Rathaus Esslingen springerle mold - Anis-Paradies

AP 4637 Altes Rathaus Esslingen springerle mold - Anis-Paradies

SKU: AP 4637

Altes Rathaus Esslingen springerle mold by Änise-Paradise

This beautiful mold was carved for Änis-Paradies by our master wood carver Guido Neff (2019) in Appenzell Switzerland.© Copyright 2019-2022 Änis-Paradies. All rights reserved.
Our "Altes Rathaus Esslingen" cookie mold is perfect for Celebrations All Year! 


Approx. 103x132mm (4.1x5.2 in)


Our molds are replicas of original hand carved wooden molds and cast in food safe resin. The rustic nature of these original carvings is conveyed with an old world charm and feel of real wood, but with the ease of use and durability of resin.

Perfect for gingerbread, springerle, marzipan, and fondant.


Made of certified food-safe resin.



  • Care of your cookie molds

    Our Swiss Made Anise-Paradies molds are resistant to breakage and waterproof. For best results, you can wash the molds and use a brush to clean them off. Do not allow dough residue to harden in the mold. If you have dried up dough in your mold, soak it in water until the dough residue has softened and the mold can be cleaned perfectly. If you are working with several molds at the same time, place the molds that have already been used in water and then clean all of them after you have finished making your biscuits and cookies.