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VS 00808 Pumpkin Pie Spice by Vanns Spices

VS 00808 Pumpkin Pie Spice by Vanns Spices

SKU: VS 00808

00808 Pumpkin Spice 016745008089 1.80 oz

by Vanns Spices

All natural. 

Warm and festive spices mingle to evoke the spirit of autumn. Perfect for speculaas, springerle, shortbread and pumpkin pie baking.  Sprinkled on ice cream, baked with sweet potatoes, or added to your favorite dessert recipe, Pumpkin Spice brings holiday cheer to the rest of the year.


About Vanns Spices


Vanns Spices provide premium quality seasoning blends and spices for the professional chef and cooking enthusiast.


Guided by our commitment to great taste, health and sustainability, Vanns continues to scour the world in search of unusual spices and to develop new products.


Vanns Spices are never irradiated and are all natural.


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