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Swiss Pineapple Copper Baking Mold Birth-Gramm BG1230

Swiss Pineapple Copper Baking Mold Birth-Gramm BG1230

SKU: BG1230
Birth-Gramm Swiss Pineapple Copper Choclolate Baking Mold

Item#: 1230

This beautfiul chocolate/baking mold is perfect for Mother's Day, Easter, Baby Showers, Birthdays and Tea Parties.


Approx 15 x 11" (39x29 cm )


Perfect for molding chocolate, cake and cookie baking as well as decorative use.

Material: copper with tin lining


The family business Birth-Gramm was founded in 1946 by Ernst Birth and Alice-Gramm. Today, Birth-Gramm is regarded worldwide as the leading manufacturer of copper baking molds, decorative items made of brass, copper and refined metals with the "Made in Switzerland" quality seal.



Our molds are made of solid copper and 100% tinlined inside - perfect for baking cakes and coocies - chocolates


You may clean with copper cleaner or you can the patina the oxidize for an antique look.

For baking, smear with butte and dust with flower, place cake batter or press cookie dough inside.

After baking await 5 min and then turn it out.

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