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M7514 Hospitality Pineapple Springerle Cookie Mold by House on the Hill

M7514 Hospitality Pineapple Springerle Cookie Mold by House on the Hill

SKU: M7514

Hospitality Pineapple Springerle Cookie Mold by House on the Hill

Approx. 2.75 x 3.75 Inches

Matching C-M7514 Pineapple-Shaped Cutter (sold separately):


Our "Hospitality Pineapple" springerle cookie mold is perfect for Housewarming, Summer Celebrations, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Celebrations all year long!




Our molds are replicas of original hand carved wooden molds and cast in food safe resin. The rustic nature of these original carvings is conveyed with an old world charm and feel of real wood, but with the ease of use and durability of resin.

Perfect for gingerbread, springerle, marzipan and fondant.


Made of certified food-safe resin.



  • Care of your cookie molds

    House on the Hill Springerle Mold Care: To clean your molds, gently scrub the molds using a soft bristled brush or terry wash cloth and mild soapy water. A mushroom brush works well for this purpose.


    Rinse briefly and repeat the scrub if needed. Rinse again. Pat the mold with a terry towel and dry as well as possible, then allow the cookie mold to dry completely before storing it in a cool dry place.


    Never soak the molds in water. If there is some stubborn dough stuck in the mold, place a droplet of water on the effected area and allow the water to set for a minute, then using a round wooden toothpick, clean out the softened dough and wash again.


    Dry mold thoroughly before storing. MADE IN U.S.A.

  • Matching Cutter

    Try our "C 7514" cookie cuttersto match this springerle cookie mold. Springerle cookie mold sold separately.

    To Purchase Cutter:

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