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Floral Bouquet Tree of Life circa 1750 octagonal cookie cutter Gingerhaus 172177

SKU: 17217

Floral Bouquet Tree of Life circa 1750 octagonal

by Gingerhaus

Our "Floral Bouquet Tree of Life circa 1750 octagonal" cookie cutter matches our springerle cookie molds: 2208.


Springerle cookie mold sold separately.


Approx Size: 140 mm x 87 mm$6.50


Perfect for gingerbread, springerle, marzipan, and fondant.


Made of certified food-safe plastic.



  • Gingerhaus Cookie Cutters

    This rectangular cutter fits a wide variety of our molds.

    There's a lot you're going to like about this cutter:

    • A 15-degree edge that makes cutting out your molded cookies easy and very accurate.
    • FDA-approved, food-safe plastic.
    • Dishwasher safe, top rack.


    • Cut out a complicated shape in a snap.
    • Accuracy and uniformity of all your cookies.
    • Awesome cookies that will amaze your friends.

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